Tea with Ziwa – An Interview

By Francesca King Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA Ziwa Halim places a plate of cookies and a tray with tea glasses on the coffee table.  Her 1-month-old baby Adam sleeps nearby, 4-year-old Yusef tumbles around on the couches, and second-grader Huda settles into a seat to...

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Baba Olla – A Ukrainian Story

Olla managed to feed her goats. Fix a bit of tea for herself. Lay on the sagging couch in the little entry room. Reach for a bottle of vodka. Day into night into day into night. Her large house stood too empty, too silent, too dark. Or was that a better description of the cavity in her chest?

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Uzbek Joy

Dodging muddy pot holes. Talking about what is growing in front of people’s houses: alfalfa, tomatoes, flowers, leafed-out quince trees. We’re head for a joy, which literally means a “place.” We greet people we know and people we don’t know. Doctor Aka stops and gives...

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